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Our catalogue appears now in 3 languages German, French and English in colour  and with an index..
On our website select catalogue. You can then choose one of the 9 chapters covering our products and services. The contents are also in English, French and German. The prices and availability are updated daily with our “ERP-System”. If you would like further products included in our shop do not hesitate to ask.

New products have been introduced at the PRODEX –exhibition in Basel in Novem-ber 2016:

  • Klaeger pharos220 double columnes automatic band saw with SmartCut Control  unit and a second NC axe for the drive of the bandsaw feed with the help of servomotors and ball screws
  • RSA/HÄBERLE Slitting saws H250 & H350 équipped with digital length measurement
  • RSA/HÄBERLE deburring machines with 2 spindles, low speed permitting Manual operation
  • RSA Deburring machines with brushes TURNAMAT and industrial brushes for deburring machines
  • PROMAG drill point grinders
  • TESA-MICROHITE : New models of hight measuring machines with a hybride control panel, backlighted keyboards and tactile colour screens
  • ThurMetall shop floor mobile installations, cuboards with loading stations for all battery driven tools, laptops, Iphons etc.
  • KYOCERA: Newest carbide tools covering the whole sector of high Performance metal cutting manufacture. We now offer Micro-Tools with very low Diameters starting with 0.05 mm in the sector of microboring, milling and reaming. In addtion we have introduced in our product programm the boring units with inserts, types DRX und DRA as well we are promoting the whole range of modern carbide and cermet inserts.
  • WEDEVAG: New generation of HSS-Co drills with optimised chip control and newest coating types 

Important order: in November 2016 we receved from our customer Straumann Basle a hight quantity order for  a multifunctional collet-holder for implants. We have developed in the past this holder together with this esteemed customer and we cover the manufacture, assembley and packaging of this interesting tool.

We have started in april 2017 a collaboration with the company DERO FEINMECHANIK AG in Liedertswil/BL with the aim of selling their centrical clamping vices. The different types of vices are qualified for the manufacturing e.g. 5-axes NC-machining, electro-erosion processes, high presision grinding and measuring applications on 3D-measunring machines.